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Vehicle Restyling

Vehicle Restyling

Vehicle Restyling is what we do. In 2006 we started as Window Tinting company. Dealing with adhesives and films naturally led us down the road of Paint Protection (invisibile automotive clear bras), and Vehicle Wraps. Today we also offer aesthic services like Wheel Painting, Brake Caliper Painting, Smoking/Tinting Tail lights, DeChroming,.

As a customer sometimes you think that you have to do something drastic to change the look of your car. We are here to give you options, not every vehicle has to be wrapped to stand out. Something as simple as wrapping the emblems on a vehicle so they are the same color as the car makes a world of difference, maybe a light smoke on the tail lights to set your vehicle apart and make it a little more "sleek". At GP Customs we are your restyling EXPERTS, and guess what? Our advice is free!


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