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Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock

What is an Ignition Interlock? An Ignition Interlock or In Car Breathalyzer is a device that will only allow you to start you vehicle when no alcohol is detected in your system. Who needs an Ignition Interlock? Anyone who has been conviceted of a DUI in the State of Nebaska, anyone ordered by the court, or anyone looking to protect a family member.

Lets face it no one wants an Ignition Interlock. The benefit of having an interlock installed with GP Customs is that we are NOT just an interlock shop. You will feel comforatble and discrete waiting in our customer lounge (with WIFI and USB charging ports), while your vehicle has the interlock installed among other retail customers that are getting their vehicles serviced in a different or possibly similar fashion. Our trained professionals not only work on interlock vehicles, but 100s of other vehicles for retail customers and car dealerships, therefore we can confidently say, we have more experience than any other interlock shop period. At GP Customs we try to make an already inconvienent situation easy for our customers by handing it discretely and quickly.


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