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2015 JEEP Grand Cherokee SRT

2015 JEEP Grand Cherokee SRT

Project Details: 

Dave and Taylor have a passion for rare cars, rare cars with A LOT of power. They like to dress them in a way that no one else even comes close. From the first time we met Dave with his unique SS Camaro we knew we had a special customer. Dave is notorious for bringing a car directly from the dealership to GP Customs to get fully customized. We have worked on many projects for Dave & Taylor including a new TrailHawk, RumbleBee Challenger, SRT 300, Charger R/T, and many more. Over the past 5 years we have gotten a feel for what Dave likes and what his expectations are.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT was a special project. Already having a 2014 Jeep TrailHawk that we fully customized with stereo, tinting, striping, and plastidipping we knew it was going to be hard to top that. When meeting with Dave on the new SRT he goes "This ones probably not gonna need very much", we knew differently. The SRT is loaded not only with POWER, but also a great sound system, and factory rear headrest DVD monitors. We started with our usual tint job, not just the front two windows, but all the way around over the rear factory tint. See with the whole vehicle tinted with our premium SunTek film you get MAXIMUM heat rejection, as well as privacy. We then got rid of the little chrome the Jeep had on it around the window edges, with a matte 3M 1080 Black vinyl. Moving forward we removed tail lights off the vehicle and smoked the top portion of the lights leaving the reverse lights clear to offset it a bit and give it some contrast. With the SRT model having 470HP we decided it was smart to put in a radar detector. We naturally suggested the best and Dave agreed: Escort PassportMAX 2.  This unit just came out and it is extremely accurate and has a phenominal range. We used a Blendmount Mirror Mount and Mirror Tap to keep it all factory looking right and nicely mounted under his rear view mirror. With the Mirror Tap it allows the unit to turn on and off with the vehicle, so no dangling cord or turning the power on and off. Dave & Taylor were extremely happy with finished product, and have decided to upgrade the sound a little bit with a subwoofer or two and an amplifier all hooked up to the factory unit. Stay Tuned...


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