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About GP Customs

About GP Customs

Who We Are

GP Customs is the premier leader in car audio, automotive accessories, and window tinting, based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Founded in 2006, GP Customs' main objective was to create a window tinting business with an emphasis on customer service, professionalism, and 100% satisfaction for each and every customer. Soon after, GP Customs integrated car audio & mobile video products and services into the business, offering the highest quality audio & video products around.

What We Do

In recent years, GP Customs has evolved by foreseeing a need for a "One Stop Shop". We got tired of customers dropping off their vehicles at two or three different shops after they left ours to get other accessories and parts they were interested in. We took this information, sought out some of the best industry professionals, and started offering these services under one roof to gain access to all of the needs of our valued customers.

At GP Customs, we are proud to hire the most knowledgeable industry professionals. With an emphasis on customer service, we strife to work with our customers to give them the best possible options to fit their budget and accessory needs. 

Why We Do It

At GP Customs, we are all about making your life more comfortable. Whether it be installating a set of running boards to make getting into your SUV or pickup a little easier, tinting the windows to keep you more comfortable in your home or on the way to work, or perhaps a remote car starter to get into your warmed car on those bitter cold mornings. It gives us satisfaction knowing we make people's lives a little more "comfortable", that's why we do what we do! 


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